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Learn. Lead. Succeed.
I am a dog teacher and human coach.


Dogs are not robots nor are they born knowing how to exist in our world. Humans speak a very different language so don't naturally know how to communicate with dogs and give them what they need. However, humans and dogs can be taught a mutual language. Just like children go to school to learn about the world and how to make good choices in order to be successful, dogs can be taught and learn in a similar way. 


I will teach you and your dog how to be partners and how to have the strongest and best possible relationship. One that is built with mutual trust, respect, fun and love. You will learn how to work together to overcome challenges with a language that can be communicated clearly, a foundation of behaviors and commands that your dog will use to be successful throughout their lives, and how to help your dog make good choices so everyone can live happily and peacefully... and of course have fun!

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Once you and your dog have been taught a foundation of behaviors and have a clear understanding of these behaviors, your dog will look to you to give them the direction they need. 

Leading your dog well will happen based on the skills you learn and your confidence using them. If you use them well, your dog will look to you for guidance in all situations and understand that you are there to guide them, advocate for them, protect them, and love them.    


No relationship happens overnight. It takes time and work and I’m here to help you build that relationship.  A strong foundation with your dog leads to better listening, reliability and more freedom in your life.   


It’s up to you to apply the skills I teach you and your dog in real life situations but I am here to help you every step of the way. I am your coach, so when you’re succeeding and want to get better or when you’re struggling and need advice, you’ll always be able to call me.

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My name is Shera Beck

I have ridden horses since 1989 and have worked with dogs and animals my whole life.  I have always been connected to animals and the relationship between humans and dogs can be powerful and life changing.  I want everyone to experience this.  I became a dog teacher because I love teaching humans how fascinating animal psychology is and how animals learn through classical and operant conditioning.  I also love helping humans see how their behaviors influence animals’ choices (good and bad).

​I have a psychology degree from Syracuse University.  Since becoming a professional dog trainer in 2010, I have worked with over 1,000 dogs.  I'm certified through the IACP and the Animal Behavior College. 




One 90-minute initial private session and five 1-hour private sessions in your home. 

Each session is one to two weeks apart depending on you and your dog.

Additional sessions can be purchased after completing the initial 6-session foundation package.



Tina, Arlington

Shera has been amazing.  My pup Moxie had been rehomed several times prior to me adopting her.  She had some issues regarding bones, bullying the cat and had started to bite me and others.  She also wouldn't walk well on a leash and would freak out barking at people and dogs.  Shera provided great direction and gave us the tools to create a better relationship, bond and build trust between one another.  Moxie and I's relationship has completely changed for the better, she listens to me now, she doesn't harass the cat, no biting, she actually walks on a leash, is less afraid of daily noises, doesn't bark at people and other dogs as much.  We are and will be a work in progress but I'm so thankful for Shera.  Put in the work and do what Shera tells you and you won't regret it!

Larry, Arlington

We did 6 weeks of training with our dog Teddy.  Shera was great!  No nonsense, insightful, funny, always professional.  She made a huge difference for us and Teddy and I could not be more pleased!  Thanks Shera!!

Alisa, Arlington

We love Pawfect Pups! Shera is amazing!! We really don't know what we would have done without her! You will learn so much about yourself and your pet through her training sessions. They have a very interesting approach to training, understanding, and bonding with your pet. We did a 6 week private training program where we learned sit, down, touch, leave it and many other commands along with rules of the house, potty training, etc. Highly recommend PawfectPups! One of the best investments we've made since we got our pup.


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